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  • envisaging a new catechism 

  • framed around 'The Benedict Option' (2017) by Rod Dreher

  • generous and orthodox in spirit

  • 2-3 year project writing and designing multimedia

  • seeking contributions from young theologians


Helping people make steps towards knowing Jesus as the living saviour and seeing the world differently.


Understanding the life giving teaching of the Church and the authority of the Bible.  


Courageously acting in the world as a spirit filled and courageous person even in the face of resistance.


We are building a team of writers and  researchers to invest time in seeking out stories and examples of resistance and faith. Some interns  come for a few weeks, months or a full year.  We also have created a virtual community that meets regularly on platforms like Zoom.

Interns will help with summarising research material, organising meetings, working to create online networks, and where appropriate some theological writing. 

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