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The Community Rule

Outlining our terms and conditions

Successful applicants to St. Peter's Foundation internship are required to observe a number of terms and conditions as part of their year with us.

Criminal Record Check

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are mandatory you will be working as pastoral assistants in an Anglican context. We will also ask after interview for two references.


Affirmation of the Christian Faith

Applicants must be baptised, hold a church connection, and demonstrate a living faith in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The content of the programme is described in typical week. Normal holiday times are available but should be agreed with reasonable warning.

Safeguarding Training

All members of the house must undergo C0 & C1 diocesan safeguarding training as well as a specific training session on religious houses.


We ask that members kindly refrain from having romantic relationships with other household members. Participants are asked live to a high standard in their moral life and in dealings with others. 


Members are asked to reply to all communications promptly and courteously. 


The use of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden.

Care of the Property

Participants must keep their room and the house in a reasonable and tidy condition. All householders should share out housekeeping tasks. 

Prayer Time and Meal Times

Participants must take part in the daily schedule of house prayer and meal times unless there is an urgent or pressing need to elsewhere.

Deep Conflict and Deep Listening

All resident are asked to make the extra effort to build each other up and avoid power games, gossip, etc. in the spirit of 1 Cor 13.

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