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Privacy Policy



St Peters' Foundation as an UK registered Christian charity is keen to promote individual privacy as part of its care of personal data in respect to this website, subscribers and applicants. In doing this we encourage further questions and comment as part of our drive to be a good practitioner. Feedback, comments and complaints can be done by writing to:


The Warden
St Peter's Foundation
Holy Trinity Church Office
Church Street



Telephone 01548 842626
or via email by


What information do we collect?


We collect data via email subscription so as to be able to send en-masse occasional newsletters and reply to interested applicants. We also contact members of the community about the business of the community. The data we hold is generally limited to email addresses and the names of interested parties. With permission email addresses may be shared with religious organisations and the local diocese which offer placements for members.  


Sensitive Data

Application forms from prospective members are printed and kept in a locked HR office cabinet. The electronic versions of the application form are not stored on a cloud system but on an office hard drive.


Forms and data from unsuccessful applications are destroyed by shredding. Application forms of successful applicants and current members are stored for the duration of their stay.

All personal data is automatically treated as confidential material and will be viewed only by the relevant parties, including the warden of the Foundation, the chaplain, and other members of the interview panel. In certain circumstances application forms and sensitive data may need to be shared with safeguarding personnel of the local diocese. 


Members of this project can view their personal data during working hours of the office by asking the parish church office administrator. 

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