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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What age do you have to be to join?

Our intern scheme is open to men and women aged 18-35.

I live abroad can I come?

Yes, we are visa sponsoring body and can take international applicants. You will have to pay for your oversees travel, NHS insurance and visa certificate. For more information please go to the UK Government website on Religion Worker Visas.

What is the faith criteria for entry?

You must be a practising Christian, ie. someone who professes the Christian faith and be a member of a church or chaplaincy. 

Is it limited to Anglicans?


No, but the charity operates in an Anglican context.

What does it cost to take part?

There is no cost but our scheme links with local employers to offer work. Accommodation and food are provided. 

What is the commitment per week to the scheme?

Interns are expected to participate in the scheme for FOUR days a week (including one day in college.) This gives the opportunity for TWO days paid work and one day off. 

Is it "high church" or "evangelical"?

It is in one sense both. The warden,  Daniel, is a keen promoter of a generous orthodoxy and C S Lewis' notion of a 'mere Christianity' which combines both evangelical sensibilities and passion with catholic spirituality. Our participants have been a mix of high and low churchmanship.


Can I join if I am in a relationship?


We ask that ministry experience participants are be able to give fully of themselves to this special year. If you are in a relationship then you will have to ask yourself if it is realistic to be able to give yourself fully to the common life during this special year? With this in mind we ask that participants follow the same guidelines of professional conduct of the clergy with regards to sexual conduct and acknowledge the Biblical principles of holiness  where sexual relations are contained exclusively in marriage.  

Is this community open to both men and women?

Men and women are welcome.

Where is it?

The new house is in the idyllic village of Malborough, a minute's walk from the church and two miles from Salcombe and the beaches.

Are there young people around?


Yes, and particularly in the summer when hundreds of seasonal workers are taken into employments. There is a quite a buzz about the place.


Is there opportunity for youth work?

The scheme links in with Youth for Christ Kingsbridge and we expect you to volunteer with them for at least half a day a week. In the past two years the majority of pastoral work has been youth-based and Fresh Expression based.

How is selection done?

You apply via this website we will then make a decision about inviting you to a Zoom interview. 

Will I need to be DBS checked?

Yes, unless you have already been checked in the Diocese of Exeter and this is current. We will still ask you make a confidential declaration irrespective of whether you have a DBS or not? This is because you will be working with children and vulnerable adults.

What are the entry points?

We start in autumn 2024

Is there a time probation period for programme 1?

Yes, six weeks. At the end you will be interviewed to see if this is right for you.

What if I am in the Church of England discernment process?

The Diocesan Director of Ordinands of your diocese and this diocese will have a conversation about how your discernment process may continue.

Is this only for future vicars and theologians?

No, in the first year we took a former teacher Ed Hill and watched him find a new vocation as an artist who recycled metal for sculptures

What are the practical arrangements?

Residents each have their own bedroom. Each room is furnished and no bedding is required.  Business journeys are reimbursed at 45p/mile for car owners. Residents take it turns to do jobs around the house including cooking and cleaning .


What about meal times?

Residents are expected to cook communal healthy meals. In the past some have grown their own vegetables. Special diets can be catered for.

Can I come if I have a disability?

For Interns the work is both mentally and physically challenging and we would need to have a further discussion to see if this were possible.

Do I get time off in the year?

We allow for the same kind of holiday time as anyone working in a full-time job might expect. Members tend to have Monday off.

I'm not very good at praying - does this matter?

All that is needed is a willingness to have a go and an openness to guidance. We are not looking for spiritual experts from day one.  

What guidance will be provided?

The local clergy,  Daniel French along with Judy Bayley provide pastoral support.  A local bishop acts as an overseer ('Visitor') for the whole scheme. 

Can my parents and friends come to visit?

Yes, and we can help find accommodation for them?


Will I be comfortable worshipping in the local churches?

We have four local Anglican Churches, Holy Trinity Salcombe, St Peter's and All Saints Malborough, Holy Trinity Galmpton, and St Clements Hope Cove. All three are very welcoming churches. See parish website to get a flavour of community life here. They have something for everyone ranging from Church Choirs, the Community Gospel Choir, Sunday Eucharists, Evensongs, Taize Services, etc. 

Why is it called St Peter's Foundation?

St Peter comes from the fact Malborough Church used to be called that in the 19th century. The cathedral in Exeter is also named after the apostle and so has a special place in the heart of the diocese. The word 'foundation' reminds us that much of the work of this charity is building foundations for future Christian leaders.

Is there wifi, phone, TV?

Yes, there is wifi, mobile phone signal and a telephone. There is a large TV in the living room.

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