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From September 2019 members will join the students at Saint Mellitus College in Plymouth for one day a week of study enjoying themes in practical theology like mission and evangelisation. 

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The day begins and ends with prayer with prayer along with time for silence and contemplation. This is at the heart of what we do. In the house we have set aside a special place for doing this.



For ministry experience interns mainly there is the opportunity to do youth work. Some of this is with Youth For Christ Kingsbridge. This includes leading school assemblies, going to the secondary school CU, taking a lead in a confirmation group for teens, putting on Messy Church and running a drop in parent and toddler group.

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There will be regular opportunity to discuss your life journey and sense of calling. This includes exploring authorised ministry within the Church of England with vocation advisors from this diocese. We also invite you to have a spiritual mentor and see them once a month. 



We offer a programme of tailor made in-house study along with courses occasional from the diocese or at local theological centres. For research interns  you will work with Rev Daniel French the vicar and an online team of collaborators.



There are plenty opportunities in the parish churches to help in visiting the housebound, shadowing the clergy and working in projects to help those are struggling and need.

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Member have been involved in delivering a range of worship services, including music ministry, reading, ushering, preaching, etc. One Christmas they even put on an outdoor Nativity play.

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Since Lockdown our churches have work hard in digital outreach and livestream services. We need people to taken this further and deeper. see



A big part of your time is living in community at Swallows Nest our new house.  This means eating together, managing the house, shopping ethically, and investing in each other.  To help we provide a chaplaincy team to support and mentor you.

What does a typical week with us look like?  Although every week can be different there is a general pattern of activities for residents under both programmes. For research interns we ask that you choose to give a negotiable proportion of your time in pastoral work, youth work, digital church or worship leadership-stewardship. 

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