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Time  in community is fun, different, challenging and full of opportunities to grow and flourish. Support and friendship will be critical to the process. An important part of your year with us is the structure of support, mentoring and leadership we provide.

This scheme takes a lot of its inspiration from a modern interpretation of the Rule of Saint Benedict where the care of novices is paramount but is also a two-way process of learning and growing. 

The leadership and support team for 2021 onwards is..


Community warden

Daniel French

Vicar of Salcombe since 2008. Comes with previous experience as an university chaplain, IT instructor and web designer. Writes for Spectator

Christian Hill.jpg


Christian Hill

Assistant minister from 2019 and formerly prayer pastor at the HTB resource church in Plymouth. Comes with industry experience in graduate care.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 15.04.16.png

Chair of Trustees

Jane Tyler

As a local restauranteur  and businesswoman Jane oversees the business side of the charity.


Church Warden

Judy Bayley

As a former counsellor and social worker Judy represents St Peter's to the Parish Parochial Council.



Debbie Plummer

Provides administrative support to the churches and St Peters. Is based at Salcombe church office during the weekdays.

The support team meet regularly with the community to plan schedules and goals while also setting time aside for reviewing progress. 

As a participant you will be invited to find a spiritual director from an approved list under the Diocese of Exeter and meet monthly.

There is also the opportunity to have time with a diocesan vocations advisor and if appropriate begin a period of formal discernment for authorised ministry.

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