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Equal Opportunity Policy

St Peter’s Community is committed to equality and ecumenism within the limits of this vocational foundation. In welcoming residents it follows an equal opportunities policy that does not discriminate against any individual on account of their gender, race, ethnic or national origin, political beliefs, or sexual preferences. The community is small and established for young adults exploring vocation, whatever that may turn out to be. They are asked to commit for a year, with the option of renewal, and to follow a life of chastity.

Residents are on the whole British nationals solely as a result of the legal difficulties involved with foreign admissions. They have been/are Anglican, Scottish Episcopalian and Roman Catholic; the rhythm of life is Anglican.

Residents work in secular employment within the wider community for two days a week. In Salcombe this employment is centred in the hospitality industry, and the residents have a pastoral ministry with their working colleagues, many of whom are from Eastern Europe. They are expected to embody the Community’s ethos of inclusive welcome as ambassadors in both the church and wider local communities.

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