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Living community has both its challenges and its joys. In applying to join we ask potential participants to be aware of the nature of community, not only its freedoms and opportunities BUT also its demands and structures.  We would ask that applicants are ready to be open to their own strengths and weaknesses so that we can work together on reasonable expectations.

1. Physical Health.  Living in community like ours can be more physically demanding than expected. Good physical health is essential.

2. Mental Health. Community life should not be seen as a 'quiet option' even though this will be a house of prayer and service. Living with others can be challenging as well as exciting and fulfilling. Those with mental health problems (including serious dependency/addiction issues) might find this project more stressful than expected. 

3.Disability. In our new house all our bedrooms are upstairs so we would struggle to accommodate someone with serious mobility impairment.

4. Possessions.  We ask that participants do not bring a large amount of stuff to the house during the year. This is not fair on the other householders. The key idea is to travel 'light'.


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